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Services - Eleve Dance Shanghai


Elevé Dance shanghai

Home to Elevé Dance Company, currently have 40 dancers aging from 4-16 years old. Dancers train on average 4-7 hours every week in Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary.

Our studio has 3 dance rooms, all with professional dance floors, tons of natural sunlight, and special lighting effects for in house video production.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Step into our spacious and inviting dance studio, where every corner is designed to inspire creativity and foster growth.

Inspiring Atmosphere

Our professional-grade dance floors and ample natural light provide the perfect setting for dancers to shine.

in motion
Passion in Motion

Witness the dedication and talent of our student dancers as they bring their routines to life in our studio.

Building Dreams, One Step at a Time

At Elevé Dance Studio, we believe in nurturing the dreams of young dancers and helping them reach new heights of excellence.


AEDC Shanghai, Brilliant Dancer Beijing and Shanghai, 桃李杯 , “LA Dance Magic “,“Runway Dance”和“Full Out”等舞蹈比赛中

Our professional training program has earned awards in China and Internationally, with AEDC 上海, Brilliant Dancer 北京 上海, 桃李杯,LA Dance Magic, Runway Dance and Full Out Competition.

What You Get

我们提供成人课程以及 3 岁以上儿童的课程。目前,舞蹈教学种类包括爵士街舞、现代舞、芭蕾、爵士、地面芭蕾、拉伸和高跟鞋舞。

We offer classes for adults as well as classes for children as young as 3 years old. Currently, the styles of dance we offer are Jazz Funk, Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Floor Barre, Stretching, and Heels